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Terms & Conditions

ECE Partners are not permitted to sub contract/ supply any other organisation with food supplies without express written permission from the ECE management. This action is regarded as a major breach of this agreement and ECE will automatically terminate our supply and relationship with you.
NO ECE individual or group benefit from ANY INCOME FROM ECE. Therefore, under no circumstances should any individual or organisation generate income for personal or organisation gains from food or other items given by a “Donor Partner” other than the support of those in need
Selling of food items is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and is a criminal offence. Persons caught will be PROSECUTED
Organisations shall not sub contract any of its ECE obligations under this Contract to any other organisation or individual that is not affiliated to ECE as a “Partner member”
ECE must be recognised as a Partner at all times whilst supporting projects. (I.e. Organisation – Partner of ECE)
Any individual or group that does not operate within this structure will have their agreement terminated.

ECE literature must not be changed, altered or defaced at any time without written express permission from ECE. All policies and general operating procedures must be adhered to as implemented in the ECE manual at all times.

ECE will not support any third party organisation that supply project for gain or for the sole benefit of the projects involved.

The above measures ensure that “Conflict of interest” does not exist within the ECE structure. Breach of Contract will result in immediate termination of contract and where applicable proceedings will be vigorously instigated by ECE and or the Donor Retailer.

Store Collection guidelines

Arrive at the destination at the time specified by the store.
Notify store staff on arrival that you are the ECE representative collecting supplies.
Present your ECE identification card and sign in as an ECE representative.

Wear identification badges and ECE jackets at all times whilst in the store. Anyone caught wearing alternative uniform, will be instantly dismissed. This complies with donor store health and safety regulations plus, it will provide the volunteers with added security in case of an inspection by a member of staff. Note: Volunteers will not be allowed on the premises without them.

Not under any circumstances eat any of the food items whilst on the premises.
Making sure no food or packaging is left on the floor and Crates/Trolleys are left orderly in the appropriate place before leaving the store.

Present a polite and courteous attitude to the retailer’s staff at all times. If for some reason you have a complaint, your first port of call is to report the matter to your co-ordinator. This will then be dealt with by ECE management.

Note: Smoking is prohibited at all times during the process of collecting and distribution

Drivers are required to ensure that their vehicles are clean covering seats/boot with polythene where appropriate and food items are in containers or bags to minimise contamination during transportation from the store to the local organisation and avoiding cross contamination should spillage occur. This also has the added benefit of protecting the vehicle. A member of staff will normally bring the supplies to you in crates unless otherwise informed.

You must make sure:
Any food that is unfit for human consumption is NOT taken.
You wear gloves and protective apron when sorting food You wear appropriate footwear when sorting and delivering food. ie. Slip-resistant closed footwear with maximum of 1″ heel.

There is NO eating of food items whilst on the premises. Anyone caught stealing items that are not designated for collection will be instantly prosecuted by the store and dismissed. CCTV is in operation at all times

No unauthorised persons accompany volunteers to the store. This includes but not limited to Friends, Family, and Children. Failure to comply with this will result in instant dismissal.

Finally leave the premises clean and tidy! No food or packaging should be left on the floor. All trolleys/crates should be placed orderly in their appropriate spot before leaving the store. This is simply good sense, good manners and good practice.

Termination This agreement is governed by English law and all parties agree to submit to the exclusive Jurisdiction of the English courts

1. Either party may terminate the Agreement at any time by giving [at least 30 days’] written notice to the other party.

2. Either party may terminate the Agreement immediately by giving written notice to the other party

ECE reserves the right to change, alter or update this agreement giving 14 day prior notice of changes coming into effect.

ECE reserves the right to overrule this contract in light of any misconduct or behaviour, which is deemed detrimental to this agreement and the service provided.
All projects shall indemnify Esther Community Enterprise and its Donor partners against all claims, liabilities, costs/court actions, proceedings and expenses incurred arising out of, or in consequence of any neglect or default of its staff or volunteers